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Welcome to TALCO Electronics! We’re your portable solar panel kit experts. We offer portable solar kits for nearly everything you can think of. You’ll find reviews of popular portable solar panel kits as well as portable solar panel kits for rvs, solar panel kits for home, solar panel kits for sailboats, solar panel kits for sheds and solar panel kits for camping. You’ll find reviews of the latest solar panel kits for 2015 that are available, show you how to select a portable solar panel kit, set one up and how to do proper solar panel maintenance.

Below we’ve provided a brief guide to help you narrow down your search for the best solar panel kit and so you can brush up on any details you might need prior to buying your next green energy solution! Don’t hesitate to leave comments if we can help with anything. We’re as passionate about off grid and sustainable energy as you are and always happy to help!

Choosing a Portable Solar Panel Kit in 2015


We need to cover a few things before we dive into application specific solar kits. Even though the basic components are the same there are many factors to consider when making your selection. Exposure to water, salt water, excessive moving, rough and bumpy travel to name a few. Taking time to see the subtle differences between kits will give help you choose the best portable solar panel kit for your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the solar panel kit options available in 2015.

Just to be clear a solar panel as defined by Wikipedia can be many things including hot water panels, solar cells, photovoltaic panels just to name a few. The application certainly needs to be known in order to make a proper selection. Also knowing the amount of power you’ll need to have as well as the efficiency/size of your panel is important. Whether you plan to use a direct to grid installation, which is rare for portable solar kits but possible, or an inverter, which is more common, is an important detail. Choosing a solar panel kit with many of the more technical aspects already address will help eliminate much of the confusion that have keep green energy illusive by the sheer complexity of it all.

Portable solar panel kits for rvs

This is quite likely the most popular application for a portable solar panel kit. Being far away from utilities or setting up in a nice park you’ll be happy to have the convenience of charged batteries without needing to plug in. There are however some considerations for the best portable kit for rvs.


Space is very limited so you’re going to want to measure how much room you have available to store your portable kit. Obviously you’ll want to maximize your solar array for optimal charing and highest kilowatts gained during the day so take the time to figure out how much space you have available before buying.

Setup conditions

If you’ll be in place with a lot of sun, which is ideal for maximum power generation, you may also be contending with a lot of wind. This means you’ll want to give consideration to the mounting system and carrying system to ensure it is sturdy enough to withstand wind gusts without toppling over.

Portable solar panel kits for sailboats

Tacking along on the high seas with the reliable power of solar is awesome. Using a portable solar kit for your sailboat is a wise choice. With weather conditions being unpredictable they’re easy to stow away to prevent damage and even the most compact models provide more than enough wattage to run navigation electronics, radios and other devices.

Portable solar panel kits for camping

Taking camping into the next century there are now fully developed portable solar kits you can take with you high into the backcountry and charge things like your phone, batteries for gps units, provide basic lighting for your camp or tent and many more uses.

These lightweight kits are durable and designed for rugged use beyond most kits. They won’t give you incredible wattage, but when any power is handy they’re a great tool to have.

Other solar panel kits available

Solar panel kits for sheds

Sheds are one of the biggest lost opportunities to use green energy around your property. In just a few hours you could easily install one of these kits and be generating energy to power many things like garden pumps, outdoor lighting or even combine it with other solar arrays for added wattage to your existing system.

Off grid solar panel kits

Giving plans to be off grid takes some additional research as you’ll not only need to be positive you’re panels are large enough to provide the needed wattage for your application, but you’ll also need to pair them with the best solar charge controller and best solar batteries to complete the system.

Solar panel kits for home

There are a lot of reasons you might want a solar panel kit around the house. If you’re a tenant that can’t secure things to the structure or you aren’t keen on fastening your solar array to your home then a portable solar panel kit is a great choice. Not to mention installing a portable solar panel kit is extremely simple and can be done in an afternoon with very few tools.

Larger kits are ideal for home as you have more space to work with and shouldn’t really need to be putting them up and down a lot.

Size of solar panel kits

Size is a major factor when choosing a solar panel it. Whether you’re looking for something that is compact and easily transportable or because you have limited space you’ll want to get the largest panel you can for maximum energy output. Sizing panels can be a bit confusing so we’ve put together a basic sizing chart to help.

Portable solar panel maintenance

Any solar array requires proper upkeep to ensure a long life and to generate the maximum wattage from available sun. With a fixed system this maintenance can be done periodically such as twice a year, but with portable solar panels you’re going to have a bit more work to do.


For example if you transport your system often you’ll want to make sure all the connectors are tight and fit well. Any poorly fitting connectors should be replaced


Since even the most efficient solar panels available today can’t exceed 21% efficiency keeping the surface of the array clean is imperative to maximum energy output. Debris, dust, soot and even pollen can dramatically reduce the amount of energy reaching the cells and therefore the energy output. Some say that just cleaning the glass alone can increase the outputs by as much as 30%!


Depending on how rugged your application is repairs may need to be done including damaged surfaces, damaged cells or even damage to the wiring. Making sure that all of the connections are in optimal condition is vital for the best outputs. Taking time to inspect each wire, surface and cell before use and periodically while in use will prove worthwhile.


Batteries are a very low maintenance item, but they still need to be inspected periodically. When not used often they should be inspected prior to use. When in sustained use make a reminder to check them for proper water and electrolyte levels each month. You can use a battery fluid tester designed for this to make it super easy.

Portable Solar Panel Kit brands

Below are some of the best solar panel kit makers

Go Power Solar

Zamp Solar

Goal Zero Solar

That Solar Guy

Grape Solar

Portable Solar Panel installation

Installation is super easy. We’ve prepared a solar panel installation guide for you to help get your panels installed and producing maximum outputs.

Helpful Portable Solar Panel resources

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