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Endurance E-3120
Regular Price: $330,000.00
 Starting at: $330,000.00 
Endurance S-343
Regular Price: $31,995.00
 Starting at: $31,995.00 
Regular Price: $75,000.00
 Starting at: $75,000.00 


Wind That Works

Talco has been a wholesale distributor of the leading wind turbines available on the market since 2000. We are the only supplier that specializes in distributed wind systems and we only carry wind turbines that have been third party certified.

Talco is North America's leading wholesale distributor for Gaia-Wind, Endurance Wind Power, Evance Wind, Southwest Windpower and SMA. We are proud to have been involved in over 100 North American installations.

Our Services

  • We offer screening to determine site suitability
  • We analyze your property to determine the optimal turbine locations
  • We select the best fit wind turbine to match your wind profile and energy needs
  • We arrange and offer financing for qualified projects
  • We have a network of certified professionals who will install your wind turbine
  • We provide ongoing operations and maintenance support

Investing in a wind turbine that has been properly sited and selected is a wise decision. When you partner with Talco, you have experienced industry professionals on your team and you can be assured of a smooth, successful, and profitable wind turbine installation.

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