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RV Solar Panels

1.8 Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

The SUNFORCE Solar 12V Battery Maintainer is designed to help prevent batteries from dying

•Maintains Car’s, SUV’s, Boat, ATV, PWC Batteries
•Maintenance Free / Easy Installation
•Charges in all Weather Conditions
•Plugs into Cigarette Lighter
•Battery Clamps Included
•Mounts on Windshield with Included Suction Cups
•Made of Durable ABS Plastic & Amorphous Solar Cells
•Plugs into Cigarette Lighter with Alligator Battery Clamps Included
•Temperature Range: -40° to 176° F
•Max Output: 1.8 Watts 125 mAh
•Dimensions: 19 5/8" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/8"                
•Weight: 1.8 lbs
Order #: 50012
In Stock: Yes
Price: $24.99 

100 Watt RV Solar Panel

ICP Sunsei SE-6000 Plug-N-Play 100W 6Amp Solar Panel. 100 Watt RV Solar Panel made by the leader in RV Solar Panels ICP Solar.
Order #: 25055
In Stock: No

15 Watt Solar Battery Charger Kit with 7 Amp Charge Controller

15 Watt Solar 12V Battery Charger Kit with 7 Amp Charge Controller

Charge your 12 V batteries with the sun's energy and regulate that power in order to improve your batteries lifespan.

• Works with Automobiles, RV’s, Boats, Tractors, ATVs, Electric Fences, Deer Feeders, Telemetry, and More 
• Maintenance Free / Easy Installation 
• Includes:
    - Pre Cut Holes for Easy Installation   
    - 4 Stainless Steel Screws  
    - Battery Clamps   
    - CLA Adapter    
    - 12ft Wire    
    - 7 Amp Charge Controller
• Works in All Weather Conditions
• Ultra Bright Blue LED Provides Charging Indication
• Built-in Blocking Diode Protects Battery Discharge at Night
• Made of Durable ABS Plastic with an Amorphous Solar Cell
• Temperature Range: -40&730; to 176&730; F
• Max Output 15 Watts 1 Amp
• Dimensions: 38" x 13.5" x 1.5"
• Weight: 15 Lbs
Order #: 50033
In Stock: Yes
Price: $119.99 

5 Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

Avoid having uncharged batteries with the help of the SUNFORCE 5W Solar Battery trickle charger

    * Solar 12V Battery Trickle Charger
    * Charge 12V Batteries with the power of the Sun
    * Works with Boats, SUVs, RVs, Electric Fences and deer feeders
    * Weatherproof
    * Plugs into 12V DC Plug or directly to the battery
    * 4 Pre Drilled holes for easy installation
    * Maintenance Free
    * Built in Overcharge /Discharge Protection
    * Works in all Daylight conditions
    * Includes:
    * 4 Pre-cut holes for easy installation
    * 4 Stainless Steel Screws
    * 9.5 Ft wire
    * 12V DC Plug
    * Battery Clamps
    * Quick Connect technology

Maximum power output
: 5 Watts and 350Mah
Dimensions: 18" x 1.5" x 14.5"                
Weight: 4.6 lbs
Order #: 50022
In Stock: Yes
Price: $69.99 

260 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit

Our 260W RV Solar Panel Kit comes with 2 x 130W Panels 1 x 20A Digital Charge Controller, and mounting hardware. Our Panels come with a full 20 Year Warranty.
Order #: 260W-Kit
In Stock: Yes
Regular Price: $1,999.99
 On Sale For: $1,745.95 

390 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit

ICP Sunsei SE-24000 Plug-N-Play 390W Kit + 25A Controller. 390 Watt RV Solar Panel made by the leader in RV Solar Panels ICP Solar. Kit comes complete with 25 Amp charge controller.
Order #: SE-24000
In Stock: No
Regular Price: $3,395.00
 DISCONTINUED: $2,940.00 

130 Watt RV Solar Panel

ICP Sunsei SE-8000 Plug-N-Play 130W 8Amp Solar Panel. 130 Watt RV Solar Panel made by the leader in RV Solar Panels ICP Solar. The Sunsei SE-8000 is perfect for charging large RVs.
Order #: 25073
In Stock: No
Regular Price: $1,199.99

65 Watt RV Solar Panel

ICP Sunsei SE-4000 Plug-N-Play 65W 4 Amp Solar Panel. 65 Watt RV Solar Panel made by the leader in RV Solar Panels ICP Solar.
Order #: 25036
In Stock: No
Regular Price: $899.00

30 Watt Solar Panel

30 Watt RV Solar Panel - Perfect for backup power applications.
Order #: BP330J
In Stock: Yes
Regular Price: $299.99
 On Sale For: $250.00 

Solar Vent

The Solar Vent provides silent and reliable ventilation. Keeps areas comfortable and improves air quality. It also prevents mold and mildew. Ideal for RVs, trailers, greenhouses, boats and sheds. It can be installed in wood, glass, metal, polycarbonate or similar materials.
Order #: 81300
In Stock: No
Regular Price: $150.00
 On Sale For: $89.99