Portable Solar Panel Kits for Home

Here we’ve put together a comprehensive resource to help you research, finance, buy, build and install a portable solar panel kit for home. You’ll also find helpful reviews of the best solar panel systems for homes as well as sizing guides, common questions and how to maintain the system for optimal performance. Where would you like to start?

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Portable Solar Panel Kits for Home Comparison Guide

Here are the top rated home solar panel kits currently available for the largest suppliers. You’ll find customer ratings, warranty information and pricing as well as options on where to buy.

Home Solar Panel Kit Glossary

  • Watts
  • Kilowatts
  • Amps
  • Efficiency
  • Inverter
  • Charge controller
  • Balancing

Portable Home Solar Panel System Sizing Guide

Sizing portable solar panel kits for a home can be challenging until you have a firm grasp on how solar panels are rated as well as your personal energy needs.

The average  3d 2 ba home with 4 occupants uses about 400ah of power per day.

When sizing a solar system you’ll need to consider not only the amount of power you’ll use under order to understand panel size, but also the load placed on the charge controller during peak use and the amount of power the inverter will need to generate to meet your ones demands.

Home Solar Panel Kit Maintenance

Cleaning panels

Keeping your solar panel system clean is critical for optimal power output. Even a light film of dust on a panel can decrease efficiency significantly. Regular cleaning will keep this from becoming  chore. If you have vegetation near your panels such as trees or shrubs you’ll want to keep a close on your panels to ensure they are free of debris. Any panels which during winter months don’t have full sun may need to require maintenance to moss growth.

Servicing batteries

Batteries are the life of your power system as they store the energy generated until you need it. Things you’ll need to do include:

  • Checking electrolyte levels monthly
  • Balancing batteries once per month
  • Checking connections
    • Making sure all connections are secure and properly fitted with ensure power is getting where it needs to go without unnecessary losses. Make sure no animals have chewed through wiring and that no connections are showing signs of corrosion.

How to finance solar panels for your home

Government Grants

Speak with a lender

Tax incentives

Check your local state to see what incentives are offered for installation a solar system for your home.

How to install solar panels for your home

DIY Installation for your system

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Solar Panels for Home Frequently Asked Questions

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